What is social anarchism?

Social Anarchism

Social anarchism (also called socialist anarchism or anarchist socialism) is generally considered to be the branch of anarchism which sees individual freedom as being dependent upon mutual aid. Social anarchist thought generally emphasizes community and social equality.

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Anarchist Schools Of Thought - Social Anarchism - Anarcho-syndicalism
... In the early 20th century anarcho-syndicalism arose as a distinct school of thought within anarchism ... More heavily focused on the labour movement than previous forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a potential force for revolutionary social change, replacing capitalism and ... Anarcho-syndicalism and other branches of anarchism are not mutually exclusive anarcho-syndicalists often subscribe to communist or collectivist anarchism ...
Social Anarchism Or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm
... Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism An Unbridgeable Chasm is a polemical essay written by Murray Bookchin and published as a book in 1995 ... Bookchin sets his social anarchism in opposition to individualist, primitivist and post-modern forms of anarchism (represented, he maintains, by such anarchist philosophers as John ...
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Famous quotes containing the words anarchism and/or social:

    Anarchism is the only philosophy which brings to man the consciousness of himself; which maintains that God, the State, and society are non-existent, that their promises are null and void, since they can be fulfilled only through man’s subordination. Anarchism is therefore the teacher of the unity of life; not merely in nature, but in man.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

    The earth is ready, the time is ripe, for the authoritative expression of the feminine as well as the masculine interpretation of that common social consensus which is slowly writing justice in the State and fraternity in the social order.
    Anna Garlin Spencer (1851–1931)