What is single observation?

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Variational Bayesian Methods - A More Complex Example
... Mult is a multinomial distribution over a single observation (equivalent to a categorical distribution) ... a -dimensional vector in which one of the elements is 1 (specifying the identity of the observation) and all other elements are 0 ... to 1 over all values of, yielding where In other words, is a product of single-observation multinomial distributions, and factors over each individual, which is distributed as a single-obser ...

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    Men look on knowledge which they learn—or might learn—from others as they do on the most beautiful structures which are not their own: in outward objects, they would rather behold their own hogsty than their neighbor’s palace; and in mental ones, would prefer one grain of knowledge gained by their own observation to all the wisdom of a thousand Solomons.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    I don’t like your miserable lonely single “front name.” It is so limited, so meagre; it has no versatility; it is weighted down with the sense of responsibility; it is worn threadbare with much use; it is as bad as having only one jacket and one hat; it is like having only one relation, one blood relation, in the world. Never set a child afloat on the flat sea of life with only one sail to catch the wind.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)