What is shared?

  • (adj): Have in common; held or experienced in common.
    Example: "Two shared valence electrons forming a bond between adjacent nuclei"; "a shared interest in philately"
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Child Rearing - Views On Parental Roles and Responsibilities in The United States - Shared Earning/shared Parenting Marriage
... Today many men and women engage in Shared Earning/Shared Parenting Marriage where they do not follow archetypal or steretoyped "motherhood" and "fatherho ...
Collaborative Workspace
... A collaborative workspace or shared workspace is an inter-connected environment in which all the participants in dispersed locations can access and interact with each other just as inside a ... These are typically enabled by a shared mental model, common information, and a shared understanding by all of the participants regardless of physical ...
Lubomir Kavalek - Chess Career Highlights - Other Notable Results - Other Showings
... Tilburg 1977 shared third (Karpov 8/11, Miles 7, Kavalek, Hort, Hubner, and Timman 6) Amsterdam 1977 shared third (Miles 10.5/15, Hulak 9.5, Kavalek ...
Windows Steady State
... Windows SteadyState (formerly Shared Computer Toolkit) is a discontinued freeware tool developed by Microsoft that gives administrators enhanced options for configuring shared computers ... It is primarily designed for use on computers shared by many people, such as internet cafes, schools, libraries, etc ...
Édouard De Reszke – Appearances At The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
... Royal Italian Opera Season from 13 April to 17 July as Don Basilio in The Barber of Seville (5, shared) as St ... Bris in Les Huguenots (3, shared) as Giorgio in I puritani (3) as Indra in Le roi de Lahore (3, debut at Covent Garden in this role 13 April 1880) as Count Rodolfo in La ... of Seville (1) as Méphistophélès in Faust (7, shared) as Walter in Guillaume Tell (2) as St ...

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    Prose—it might be speculated—is discourse; poetry ellipsis. Prose is spoken aloud; poetry overheard. The one is presumably articulate and social, a shared language, the voice of “communication”; the other is private, allusive, teasing, sly, idiosyncratic as the spider’s delicate web, a kind of witchcraft unfathomable to ordinary minds.
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)

    [The pleasures of writing] correspond exactly to the pleasures of reading, the bliss, the felicity of a phrase is shared by writer and reader: by the satisfied writer and the grateful reader, or—which is the same thing—by the artist grateful to the unknown force in his mind that has suggested a combination of images and by the artistic reader whom his combination satisfies.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    But popular rage,
    Hysterica passio dragged this quarry down.
    None shared our guilt; nor did we play a part
    Upon a painted stage when we devoured his heart.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)