What is separability?

  • (noun): The capability of being separated.


In mathematics and in physics, separability may refer to properties of:

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Some articles on separability:

Scale Space Implementation - Separability
... Using the separability property of the Gaussian kernel the N-dimensional convolution operation can be decomposed into a set of separable smoothing ... Separability will be assumed in all that follows, even when the kernel is not exactly Gaussian, since separation of the dimensions is the most practical way to implement multidimensional smoothing, especially ...
Separability Problem
... The separability problem is a concept from the field of social choice theory that describes the situation where two or more issues up for vote on a ballot either ... The separability problem commonly manifests itself most intensely in referendums and in voting on multiple charges before juries or panels of judges, where simultaneous voting is employed ... The solution to the separability problem for referendums would be set-wise voting, where the voter can express preferences for outcomes of related ...
Separable State - Separability Criterion
... The problem of deciding whether a state is separable in general is sometimes called the separability problem in quantum information theory ... The separability problem is a subject of current research ... A separability criterion is a necessary condition a state must satisfy to be separable ...
... In mathematics and in physics, separability may refer to properties of Separable differential equations Separable ordinary differential equation, a class of equations that can be separated into a pair of ... Gaussian blur In arbitration law, separability describes the principle that an arbitration clause is considered separate from the contract in which it is contained ... In chemical engineering, separability refers to the efficacy with which particles can be separated in a separation process ...