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Sea Dragon (roller Coaster)
... Sea Dragon is a junior wooden roller coaster located at Jungle Jack's Landing in Powell, Ohio ... Jet Flyer was changed to Sea Dragon around 1984, when the park changed its name from Gooding Zoo Park to Wyandot Lake ... at Hunt's Pier in 1988 and Valley Volcano at Angela Park in 1989, making Sea Dragon the oldest John Allen-designed coaster in operation ...
Sea Dragon (video Game) - Summary - Innovation
... The Apple II version of Sea Dragon was notable because of its use of a digitized voice that says "Sea Dragon!" When the user starts the game, he or she is told, "Captain! Your ship's ... Programming Sea Dragon to play back an audio sample, using only a one bit sound generator, was thus an interesting technical achievement, shared with several other 1982 Apple II games Dung Beetles, Creepy ...
List Of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Characters - Support Characters
... By doing that he turned into an inhuman form, a dragon ... Sea Dragon Unity (海龍(シードラゴン)のユニティ, Shīdoragon no Yuniti?) Unity, son of Garcia, brother of Seraphina ... he later reappears in front of Dégel as the Sea Dragon Marina General and schemed to use his sister's body as a vessel to release Poseidon and, with it, take over the world ...
Paul Mooney (writer) - Sea Dragon Expedition
... sail a Wenchow-styled Chinese junk, christened the Sea Dragon, across the Pacific from Hong Kong to the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco ... who alone signed them) and sent to subscribers who helped, among others, to finance the Sea Dragon Expedition, The Letters From The Sea Dragon, of which four ... fifteen in number, which were called collectively The Log of the Sea Dragon ...
Sea Dragon - Other
... Sea Dragon (rocket) Sea Dragon (roller coaster) Sea Dragon class ROUV, a remotely operated underwater vehicle developed by China Sea Dragon (computer game) A zooming technology by Seadragon Software (acquired by ...

Famous quotes containing the words dragon and/or sea:

    Sir Eglamour, that worthy knight,
    He took his sword and went to fight;
    And as he rode both hill and dale,
    Armed upon his shirt of mail,
    A dragon came out of his den,
    Had slain, God knows how many men!
    Samuel Rowlands (1570?–1630?)

    Far and few, far and few,
    Are the lands where the Jumblies live;
    Their heads are green, and their hands are blue,
    And they went to sea in a Sieve.
    Edward Lear (1812–1888)