What is reserved seating?

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Sakura (train) - Formations - 800 Series (6 Cars)
... Hakata→ 6 ... NR NR NR R R R G Green car (first class) (reserved seating) R Standard class reserved seating NR Standard class non-reserved seating ...
Clemens Stadium - Recent Improvements - Reserved Seating
... Reserved seating was expanded in 2003 and 2005 to accommodate almost 1,000 season ticket holders ...
Marine Liner
... first car on most Takamatsu-bound trains is a JR Shikoku 5000 series bi-level cab car with reserved seating ... A passenger may upgrade to reserved seating for an additional ¥510 and ¥950 each way, for the bottom (ordinary reserved) and top (green car/first class reserved) levels of the bi-level train car ... There is a ¥200 discount on ordinary reserved seating during off-peak seasons ...

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