What is reproducible?

  • (adj): Capable of being reproduced.
    Example: "Astonishingly reproducible results can be obtained"
    Synonyms: consistent

Some articles on reproducible:

Bioconductor - Main Features
... Documentation and reproducible research ... of those tools that are successful To promote reproducible research by providing open and accessible tools with which to carry out that research (reproducible research is distinct from independent ...
Law Of Value - Criticism - Conceptual Criticism - Ecologists
... do with production costs in labour time, because in fact they are entropic non-reproducible goods ... Precisely because natural resources were for a long time either non-reproducible or freely available goods (i.e ... not reproducible commodities) the whole tendency in the market economy was for those resources to be plundered for private gain, rather than economized ...
Molecular Electronics - Molecular Scale Electronics
... and on finding ways to obtaining reliable and reproducible contacts between the molecular components and the bulk material of the electrodes ... of the biggest problems with measuring on single molecules is to establish reproducible electrical contact with only one molecule and doing so without shortcutting the electrodes ... sized circuit to bulk electrodes in a way that gives reproducible results ...