What is refutation?

  • (noun): The speech act of answering an attack on your assertions.
    Example: "His refutation of the charges was short and persuasive"
    Synonyms: defense, defence
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Some articles on refutation:

Ehsan Ilahi Zahir - Published Works
... over 12,000 narrations of the Shia) Ash-Shia wat-TaShia (refutation) Baynash-Shia Wa Ahlus-Sunnah (refutation) Babiyyahs (refutation) Al-Baha'iyyah (refutation) At-Tassawuf al-Mansha Wal-Masadir (refutation of the ...
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Legacy - Reading Hegel
... phenomenon in the history of philosophy — the refutation of one system by another, of an earlier by a later ... Most commonly the refutation is taken in a purely negative sense to mean that the system refuted has ceased to count for anything, has been set aside and done for ... would be, of all studies, most saddening, displaying, as it does, the refutation of every system which time has brought forth ...
A New Refutation Of Time
... A New Refutation of Time (Spanish Nueva refutación del tiempo) is an essay by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges (written between 1944 and 1946) in which he ... Borges closes the essay by refuting his refutation "The world, unfortunately, is real I, unfortunately, am Borges." ...
Self-enhancement - Types - Selectivity - Selective Acceptance & Refutation
... Selective refutation involves searching for plausible theories that enable criticism to be discredited ... A good example of selective acceptance and refutation in action would be Selective acceptance is the act of accepting as valid an examination on which one has performed well ... Concordant with selective acceptance and refutation is the observation that people hold a more critical attitude towards blame placed upon them, but a more lenient attitude to praise that they receive ...

More definitions of "refutation":

  • (noun): Any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something.
    Synonyms: disproof, falsification

Famous quotes containing the word refutation:

    It will be the mistake of your life if you go into print in your own defence [sic]. Your denial will reach a new set of people and start them to talking, while the ones who read the original charges will never see the refutation of them.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)

    Books are fatal: they are the curse of the human race. Nine- tenths of existing books are nonsense, and the clever books are the refutation of that nonsense. The greatest misfortune that ever befell man was the invention of printing.
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)