What is rectification?

  • (noun): The conversion of alternating current to direct current.
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Rectification Of Names - Later Scholars
... Of all the scholars in Chinese history, Xun Zi wrote a chapter on "The Rectification of Names" developing a theme that had been introduced by Confucius saying "Let the ruler be ruler, the ... Xun Zi not only wrote that chapter on the topic of the rectification of names but went as far as to develop/expand the rectification into a system of logic ... Gongsun Long developed their own theories regarding the rectification ...
Active Rectification
... Active rectification, or synchronous rectification, is a technique for improving the efficiency of rectification by replacing diodes with actively controlled switches such as transistors, usually power ... also been used for mechanical rectifiers and synchronous rectification ...
Confucianists - Themes in Confucian Thought - Rectification of Names
... (Chinese pinyin zhèngmíng literally "rectification of terms") ... You are wide off the mark! Why must there be such rectification?" The Master said, "How uncultivated you are, Yu! The superior man cannot care about the everything, just as he cannot go to check all ... Legge) Xun Zi chapter (22) "On the Rectification of Names" claims the ancient sage-kings chose names (Chinese pinyin míng) that directly corresponded with ...
Dual Polygon - Kinds of Duality - Rectification
... construction of a dual polygon is a rectification operation, where the edges of a polygon are truncated down to vertices at the center of each original edge ...

More definitions of "rectification":

  • (noun): The act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right.
    Synonyms: correction
  • (noun): (chemistry) the process of refinement or purification of a substance by distillation.
  • (noun): Determination of the length of a curve; finding a straight line equal in length to a given curve.