What is really?

  • (adv): In fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers).
    Example: "Really, you shouldn't have done it"
    Synonyms: in truth, truly
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Really is the second album by J. J. Cale. It was released in 1973.

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Dig Dug Deeper - Enemies - Really, Really Angry Fygar
... This red-colored Fygar breathes long jets of flame that bend around corners ... Odd though it may sound, "Really, Really Angry Fygar" is its official name ...

More definitions of "really":

  • (adv): Used as intensifiers; 'real' is sometimes used informally for 'really'; 'rattling' is informal.
    Example: "A really enjoyable evening"
    Synonyms: very, real, rattling
  • (adv): In actual fact.
    Synonyms: actually
  • (adv): In accordance with truth or fact or reality.
    Example: "They don't really listen to us"
    Synonyms: truly, genuinely