What is racial hygiene?

Racial Hygiene

Racial hygiene was a set of early twentieth century state sanctioned policies by which certain groups of individuals were allowed to procreate and others not, with the expressed purpose of promoting certain characteristics deemed to be particularly desirable. The most noteworthy example is the extensive implementation of racial hygiene policies by Nazi Germany but similar policies were implemented throughout Europe and North America.

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List Of Nazi Ideologues - Scientists and Physicians
... biologist, and eugenicist who introduced the concept of racial hygiene in Germany ... von Verschuer (1896–1969), German human biologist and eugenicist primarily concerned with racial hygiene and twin research ... Nazi Party, prominent in genetics and "racial hygiene" ...
Alfred Ploetz - Life and Career
... Ploetz first proposed the theory of racial hygiene (race-based eugenics) in his "Racial Hygiene Basics" (Grundlinien einer Rassenhygiene) in 1895 ... wrote in April 1933 that he believed Hitler would bring racial hygiene from its previous marginality into the mainstream ... advisory committee for population and racial policy," which included Ploetz, Fritz Lenz, Ernst Rüdin and Hans F.K ...

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    Martin Luther King, Jr., was the conscience of his generation.... He and I grew up in the same South, he the son of a clergyman, I the son of a farmer. We both knew from opposite sides, the invisible wall of racial segregation.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)