What is publicity?

Some articles on publicity:

Abdul Latif (restaurateur) - Career
... Latif had a keen eye for such publicity stunts ... adult comic Viz, providing the staff with free curries and relishing the publicity, despite their portrayal of him as a “curry mentalist.” Latif ... The New Lord, where he offered souvenir merchandise, seasonal messages to his fans, publicity services and a motivational DVD ...
Mark Borkowski
... of public relations and the art of the publicity stunt ... of Borkowski PR, he is a well-known lecturer and speaker on the art of publicity ... Borkowski has a column in The Guardian and has written two books on publicity stunts as related to public relations and has won several awards for his ...
Martin Lewis (humorist) - Publicity and Marketing Strategist
... Lewis also works as a publicity and marketing consultant through his company Springtime! which he founded in 1977 ... Martin had a background in publicity and marketing and came up with a great campaign for the movie, creating a huge buzz and getting us free publicity, which was crucial to the film's success ... We learned a lot about publicity and marketing from our experience with Martin Lewis." Early in his career, Lewis had been a protégé of former Beatles publicist Derek Taylor - then working for the UK division of ...
Aelyria - Notability - Publicity
... In 1997, Aelyria received global publicity with two major developments In Summer 1997, Aelyria was featured among other "cool sites" on MSNBC's then-popular cable television ...

Famous quotes containing the word publicity:

    I saw the best minds of my generation
    Reading their poems to Vassar girls,
    Being interviewed by Mademoiselle.
    Having their publicity handled by professionals.
    When can I go into an editorial office
    And have my stuff published because I’m weird?
    I could go on writing like this forever . . .
    Louis Simpson (b. 1923)

    All publicity is good, except an obituary notice.
    Brendan Behan (1923–1964)

    With publicity comes humiliation.
    Tama Janowitz (b. 1957)