What is prosaic?

  • (adj): Not fanciful or imaginative.
    Example: "A prosaic and unimaginative essay"
    Synonyms: matter-of-fact
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Double Entendre - Usage - Music
... The first meaning is usually rather prosaic while the second meaning is risque ... Sometimes, even when the prosaic meaning is more obvious, the risque one is thought of as the factual one in the Ted Nugent song "Wango Tango" he talks about his Maserati and he is looking for a garage so he ... ZZ Top's song "Tush" uses the prosaic and risque meaning in exact equal portion, as in the band's native Texas "tush" has two meanings when rhyming with "bush" refers to the female buttocks but when rhyming with "rush ...
Identification Studies Of UFOs - UFO Studies - Allan Hendry Study
... that most sightings were actually honest misidentifications of prosaic phenomena ... Out of 1,307 cases Hendry deemed 88.6% had clear prosaic explanations (IFOs) and only 8.6% were unknowns (UFOs) ... Of the UFOs, Hendry reported that 7.1%, might still have a prosaic explanation while 1.5% (20 cases) had no possible plausible explanation and were completely unexplained ...
The Second Scroll
... his own writing in its crossing of the poetic, prosaic, and epistolary genres in his own distinct terms ... The two letters written by Melech—one in a direct prosaic address to his nephew and the other in the poetic prose of “Gloss Gimel”—are of the same voice as (for the most part) distinct from ... His various poetic, prosaic, and dramatic forms included sub-genres all intertwined, and moreover included metafictional asides on poetry, literature, semantics, and art—the ...

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Famous quotes containing the word prosaic:

    All religions have honored the beggar. For he proves that in a matter at the same time as prosaic and holy, banal and regenerative as the giving of alms, intellect and morality, consistency and principles are miserably inadequate.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    It is better to have a prosaic husband and to take a romantic lover.
    Stendhal [Marie Henri Beyle] (1783–1842)

    It was a poetic recreation to watch those distant sails steering for half-fabulous ports, whose very names are a mysterious music to our ears.... It is remarkable that men do not sail the sea with more expectation. Nothing was ever accomplished in a prosaic mood.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)