What is prohibited?

  • (adj): Forbidden by law.
    Synonyms: banned
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Pact Of Umar - Content
... Christians were prohibited from building or repairing churches and monasteries, and were expected to host Muslims in their houses and Churches ... Other restrictions prohibited public processions and funerals and display of crosses or religious books ... In one version, Christians were also required to wear a Zunnar and were prohibited from wearing Muslim clothes or using saddles ...
Legal Status Of The AK-47 - In Canada
... Gun politics in Canada In Canada since January 1, 1995, the AK-47 and its variants are prohibited under the Prohibited Weapons Order, No ... This order created a new class of prohibited firearms in Canada (class 12.5) ...
Smuggling Interdiction And Trade Compliance - History
... PPQ and APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Services (IES) formed a team that determined the prohibited items from Thailand were being smuggled through ... These prohibited products were being offered for sale in the New York City market areas and were definitely competing with domestic and legal production ... PPQ team members intercepted the prohibited material crossing the Canadian border, and IES prosecuted the violators taking part in the shipping ...
Mardi Gras In Mobile - Contemporary Mardi Gras - Parades - Prohibited Throws
... A number of objects are prohibited as parade throws in Mobile, based on safety or sexual restrictions, as defined in Section 49 of the Mobile City Code (from 10 February 2004 ... individually or in small numbers." All boxes are prohibited as throws (also since February 2004), including "crushed or empty" boxes ...
Sruli Recht - Notoriety
... of The Umbuster and charged Recht with prohibited weapons importation, prohibited weapons manufacture, and intent to sell prohibited weapons ...

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    [Research has found that] ... parents whose children were “baby altruists” by two years firmly prohibited any child aggression against others. Adults not only restated their rule against hitting, for example, but they let the little one know that they would not tolerate the child hurting another.
    Alice Sterling Honig (20th century)