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A proclamation (Lat. proclamare, to make public by announcement) is an official declaration.

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Proclamation Of The Abolition Of The Monarchy
... During the French Revolution, the proclamation of the abolition of the monarchy was a proclamation by the National Convention of France announcing that it had abolished the ...
Royal Proclamation Of 2003 - Text of The Proclamation
... same may in any way concern, Greeting Morris Rosenberg Deputy Attorney General of Canada A Proclamation Whereas the Acadian people, through the vitality of their. 2003-1967 of 6 December 2003, the Governor in Council has directed that a proclamation do issue designating 28 July of every year as "A Day of ... In Testimony Whereof, We have caused this Our Proclamation to be published and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed ...
Conclusion Of The American Civil War - Presidential Proclamation Ending The War
... which the said insurrection was proclaimed to be at an end by the aforesaid proclamation of the 2d day of April, 1866 ...
Proclamation - England and Wales
... In English law, a proclamation is a formal announcement ("royal proclamation"), made under the great seal, of some matter which the King in Council or Queen Regnant in Council ... Royal proclamations of this character, made in furtherance of the executive power of the Crown, are binding on the subject, "where they do not either contradict the old laws or tend to ... Royal proclamations, which, although not made in pursuance of the executive powers of the Crown, either call upon the subjects to fulfil some duty ...
The Proclamation
... The Proclamation (Proglašenije/Πρоглашеније) of 1809 refers to the political document of Serbian revolution which marked the foundation of modern Serbia ... glorious and brave ancestors" Karadjordje Petrovic in Belgrade, The Proclamation (1809) ...

More definitions of "proclamation":

  • (noun): The formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice.
    Synonyms: promulgation

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    The President’s proclamation took the breath out of me this morning. He is in the hands of the Phillistines [sic] ...
    Elizabeth Blair Lee (1818–?)

    The proclamation and repetition of first principles is a constant feature of life in our democracy. Active adherence to these principles, however, has always been considered un-American. We recipients of the boon of liberty have always been ready, when faced with discomfort, to discard any and all first principles of liberty, and, further, to indict those who do not freely join with us in happily arrogating those principles.
    David Mamet (b. 1947)