What is postpaid?

  • (adj): Used especially of mail; paid in advance.
    Synonyms: prepaid


The post-paid mobile phone is a mobile phone for which service is provided by a prior arrangement with a carriage service provider (CSP). The user in this situation is billed after the fact according to their use of mobile services at the end of each month. Typically, the customer's contract specifies a limit or "allowance" of minutes, text messages etc., and the customer will be billed at a flat rate for any usage equal to or less than that allowance. Any usage above that limit incurs extra charges. Theoretically, a user in this situation has no limit on use of mobile services and, as a consequence, unlimited credit. This service is better for people with a secured income.

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Airtel Bangla - Products Offered
... The post-paid plan is branded and marketed across the country under the name airtel Postpaid, which means leader or royalty ... into five segments Adda Golpo Kotha Foorti Dolbol The airtel Postpaid category is divided into three segments Airtel Exclusive Airtel Classic Airtel Advantage Airtel-Postpaid and Airtel Prepaid user enjoy various value ... Roaming is available only to Warid postpaid users ...
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... WaridTel provides both postpaid and prepaid connection plans ... The postpaid plan is branded and marketed across the country under the name Zahi Postpaid, which means leader or royalty ... Zahi Postpaid, glow Prepaid and Zem Prepaid user enjoy various value added services(VAS), such as SMS, MMS, GPRS, 64K SIM, Dual SIM product, Corporate packages for product advertising ...
... Postpaid service mobile phone typically requires two essential components in order to make the 'post-usage' model viable Credit history/Contractual commitment This is the basis on which the service provider ... The United States is an example of a country dominated by postpaid providers (AT T, Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile) although a smaller market has been ...
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... The postpaid plan is branded as Citycell One ... The Postpaid subscribers enjoy 4 FnF numbers to other operators, 30 sec pulse applicable for all outgoing, Zoom Data service etc ... Tread fair 2009, Citycell Introduced a new postpaid service called VOICE-DATA plan with cheaper tariff voice call and sms on any operator and BTTB (NWD ...
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