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Late Modernism - Movements Associated With Postmodern Art - Intermedia, Multi-media
... Another trend in art which has been associated with the term postmodern is the use of a number of different media together ... in his list of the characteristics of postmodern art ... theory of combining multiple arts into one art is quite old, and has been revived periodically, the postmodern manifestation is often in combination with performance art, where the dramatic subtext ...
Postmodern Christianity
... Postmodern Christianity is any form of Christianity which has been influenced by postmodern philosophy ... In addition to Christian theology, postmodern Christianity has its roots in post-Heideggerian continental philosophy, developed ca ... Some people eschew the label "postmodern Christianity" because the meaning of the term "postmodern" is frequently debated, even between those who use the label ...
Samir Roychoudhury - Adhunantika Controversy
... Critics have claimed that Adhunantika is Postmodern version of Hungryalism, and that postmodern features Bengali creative writing had emerged way back in 1960s when the Hungry generation movement was launched with ... He edited Postmodern Bengali Poetry (2001) and Postmodern Bengali Short Stories (2002) which included writings from Bangladesh as well as entire India ...
Manifestations Of Postmodernism - Postmodernism in Literature
... Postmodern literature argues for expansion, the return of reference, the celebration of fragmentation rather than the fear of it, and the role of reference itself in literature ... Spanish - writers who were taken as influences by American postmodern authors such as Norman Mailer, Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Vonnegut, Don DeLillo, John Barth, William Gaddis ...
The Skys - Discography - Postmodern Game
... Title “Postmodern Game” List of the songs PostModern Game Chicago Bum Waiting For The Light Mommy's Son D-minor Broken Sounds Of Truth Virtual Reality From Idaho ...

Famous quotes containing the word postmodern:

    The Modernist’s command was Pound’s “Make it New.” The postmodern imperative is “Get it Used.” The more used the better.
    Andrei Codrescu (b. 1946)

    Modern children were considerably less innocent than parents and the larger society supposed, and postmodern children are less competent than their parents and the society as a whole would like to believe. . . . The perception of childhood competence has shifted much of the responsibility for child protection and security from parents and society to children themselves.
    David Elkind (20th century)

    The information links are like nerves that pervade and help to animate the human organism. The sensors and monitors are analogous to the human senses that put us in touch with the world. Data bases correspond to memory; the information processors perform the function of human reasoning and comprehension. Once the postmodern infrastructure is reasonably integrated, it will greatly exceed human intelligence in reach, acuity, capacity, and precision.
    Albert Borgman, U.S. educator, author. Crossing the Postmodern Divide, ch. 4, University of Chicago Press (1992)