What is post vulgate cycle?

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List Of Arthurian Characters
... appearance Works featured in Description Accolon Post-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s Morgan le Fay's lover Aglovale† Agloval, Sir Aglovale de Galis The Life of Sir Aglovale de ... Gorre Ban Lancelot-Grail, early 13th century Lancelot's father Balan Sir Balan le Savage Post-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s Post-Vulgate, Le Morte D'Arthur Brother to Balin Balin Sir Balin le Savage, Knight with Two ... von Oberge, Gottfried von Strassburg, Prose Tristan, Post-Vulgate Cycle, Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur Handmaid to Iseult Bruin Sir Bruin Surnamed the Black ...

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    Only mediocrities progress. An artist revolves in a cycle of masterpieces, the first of which is no less perfect than the last.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)

    My business is stanching blood and feeding fainting men; my post the open field between the bullet and the hospital. I sometimes discuss the application of a compress or a wisp of hay under a broken limb, but not the bearing and merits of a political movement. I make gruel—not speeches; I write letters home for wounded soldiers, not political addresses.
    Clara Barton (1821–1912)

    The poem goes from the poet’s gibberish to
    The gibberish of the vulgate and back again.
    Does it move to and fro or is it of both
    At once? Is it a luminous flittering
    Or the concentration of a cloudy day?
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)