What is polarization?

  • (noun): The phenomenon in which waves of light or other radiation are restricted in direction of vibration.
    Synonyms: polarisation
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Polarization or polarisation can refer to:

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Scanning Laser Polarimetry - Retarders
... the change in polarization) is proportional to the RNFL thickness ... from the ocular fundus exhibits a high degree of polarization preservation, and the reflector in the model (polarization-preserving reflector ) was assumed to ...
Angle-resolved Low-coherence Interferometry - Schematic Description
... The light from the SLD passes through an optical isolator and subsequently a polarization controller ... It has been shown that control of light polarization is important for maximizing optical signal and comparing angular scattering with the Mie scattering model ... A polarization-maintaining fiber is used to carry the illumination light to the sample ...
... One array provides linear polarization and the other provides circular polarization ... Polarization is user selectable and the circular polarized array is more effective in reducing returns from precipitation ...
Polarization - In The Social Sciences
... Polarization (economics), an economic process where middle-class jobs disappear more than those at the bottom and the top Polarization (politics), the process by which the public opinion divides and goes to ...
Spider (polarimeter)
... The primary science goals include characterization of the curl-free component of the CMB polarization on the largest scales searching for the signature of ...

More definitions of "polarization":

  • (noun): The condition of having or giving polarity.
    Synonyms: polarisation