What is pointed?

  • (adj): Direct and obvious in meaning or reference; often unpleasant.
    Example: "A pointed critique"; "a pointed allusion to what was going on"; "another pointed look in their direction"
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Spoiler Alert (How I Met Your Mother) - Plot
... and thus are more annoying to those who had previously not noticed the flaws Lily chewing loudly (pointed out by Ted to Marshall) Marshall singing about ... Whenever one or more of the group has these quirks pointed out to them, the sound of glass shattering is heard ...
St. Augustine's Church, Hedon - History - Description From 1831
... It is the most interesting specimen of early pointed architecture in Holderness, and has recently been restored and carefully repaired under the direction of the rector, the Rev ... The west front is plain, and has a pointed window of five lights ... In each portion, except the second from the west, are pointed windows of three lights, with elegant tracery in the sweep of the arch in the remaining division is a pointed doorway ...
List Of Lenny Skutniks - List of "Lenny Skutniks"
... an example of the American ideal, immediately before noting Skutnik, Reagan first pointed out Jeremiah Denton, a Senator who had formerly been held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. 1984 Reagan pointed to Sergeant Stephen Trujillo, a medic during the Invasion of Grenada in October 1983. 1999 Clinton pointed out Rosa Parks for her role as an icon of the U.S ...
Geranium Oreganum
... several segments, each of which is subdivided into rounded or pointed lobes ... The flower has pointed sepals beneath rounded lavender to purple petals ... The fruit has a small body with a pointed style column up to five centimeters long ...
Downingia Elegans
... This annual grows on a branching erect stem with many pointed leaves ... The tubular flower has two long, narrow, pointed upper lobes which are generally rich purple ... The lobes may be quite pointed ...

More definitions of "pointed":

  • (adj): Having a point.

Famous quotes containing the word pointed:

    Master the night nor serve the snowman’s brain
    That shapes each bushy item of the air
    Into a polestar pointed on an icicle.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    “Courage!” he said, and pointed toward the land,
    “This mounting wave will roll us shoreward soon.”
    In the afternoon they came unto a land
    In which it seemed always afternoon.
    Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)

    Semantically, taste is rich and confusing, its etymology as odd and interesting as that of “style.” But while style—deriving from the stylus or pointed rod which Roman scribes used to make marks on wax tablets—suggests activity, taste is more passive.... Etymologically, the word we use derives from the Old French, meaning touch or feel, a sense that is preserved in the current Italian word for a keyboard, tastiera.
    Stephen Bayley, British historian, art critic. “Taste: The Story of an Idea,” Taste: The Secret Meaning of Things, Random House (1991)