What is pin grass?

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List Of Acacia Species - Common Species
... burkittii Burkitt's Wattle, Gunderbluey, Pin Bush, Sandhill Wattle, Fine Leaf Jam Acacia adunca Wallangarra Wattle, Cascade Wattle Acacia alata Winged Wattle Acacia albizioides Climbing Wattle Acacia ... texensis Prairie Wattle, Whiteball Acacia Acacia anomala Chittering Grass Wattle ... Acacia aphylla Leafless Rock Wattle Acacia applanata Grass Wattle Acacia arabica Babul, Amrad Gum, Thorny Mimosa of India Acacia araneosa Spidery Wattle, Balcanoona Wattle Acacia argutifolia ...

Famous quotes containing the words grass and/or pin:

    There they stand, the small ones, like grass and weeds and scrub—innocent in their wretched insignificance. And now I make my furtive way through them and trample down as few as I can—but in doing so disgust consumes my heart.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Suddenly we have a baby who poops and cries, and we are trying to calm, clean up, and pin things together all at once. Then as fast as we learn to cope—so soon—it is hard to recall why diapers ever seemed so important. The frontiers change, and now perhaps we have a teenager we can’t reach.
    Polly Berrien Berends (20th century)