What is pedestrianism?


Pedestrianism was a 19th-century form of competitive walking, often professional and funded by wagering, from which the modern sport of racewalking developed.

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New Pedestrianism - History
... Like New Urbanism, New Pedestrianism has its roots in compact, mixed-use neighborhoods common in the United States (and elsewhere) during and prior to the first quarter of the 20th century ... New Pedestrianism borrows and then expands upon earlier experiments in urban design that focused on separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic ... In 2005 New Pedestrianism was offered by Arth as part of the solution to the rebuilding of New Orleans ...
New Urban Cowboy: Toward A New Pedestrianism
... New Urban Cowboy Toward a New Pedestrianism is a 2008 documentary film, and DVD release, about American artist and urban designer Michael E ... Arth, his New Pedestrianism movement, and his efforts to rebuild the cities, beginning with “Cracktown,” an inner city slum in DeLand, Florida ...
Films and Books About New Pedestrianism
... New Urban Cowboy Toward a New Pedestrianism, produced in 2008, is a feature length documentary that tells the story of Arth's struggle to retrofit a crack ... of the Special Interests, gives a comprehensive assessment of society and how New Pedestrianism fits into the overall scheme of things ...