What is outgrowth?

  • (noun): The gradual beginning or coming forth.
    Synonyms: emergence, growth
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PTPRM - Cell Migration - Neurite Outgrowth
... A neurite outgrowth assay is a type of experiment where neurons are placed on different adhesive substrates on tissue culture plates ... A neurite outgrowth assay is meant to mimic how neurons grow inside the body ... ‘’in vitro’’ substrate, it promotes neurite outgrowth ...
Columbia (supercontinent) - Outgrowth
... Following its final assembly at ~1.8 Ga, the supercontinent Columbia underwent long-lived (1.8–1.3 Ga), subduction-related growth via accretion at key continental margins, forming a 1.8-1.3 Ga great magmatic accretionary belt along the present-day southern margin of North America, Greenland, and Baltica ... It includes the 1.8-1.7 Ga Yavapai, Central Plains and Makkovikian Belts, 1.7-1.6 Ga Mazatzal and Labradorian Belts, 1.5-1.3 Ga St ...
DISC1 - Protein Interactions - FEZ1
... DISC1 participates in neurite outgrowth through its interaction with the fasciculation and elongation protein ζ-1 (FEZ1) ... elegans UNC-76 protein involved in axonal outgrowth and fasciculation ... of DISC1 has a dominant negative effect on neurite outgrowth, which implies co-operation of DISC1 and FEZ1 in this process ...
Internexin - Function and Expression
... neuronal development and has been suggested to play a role in axonal outgrowth ... regeneration and therefore have aided the speculation that α-internexin and axonal outgrowth may be connected ... nervous system which suggests that axonal outgrowth is unaffected by α-internexin, however, the knockout study failed to rule out subtle differences that the protein may have caused ...
Reticulon 4 Receptor - Nogo Pathway: Rho Kinase - NgR Activation of P75
... that NgR, Nogo, and another membrane receptor called p75 were involved in inhibiting neurite outgrowth ... First, it was observed that when p75 was knocked out in mice, outgrowth inhibition was no longer seen ... When the extracellular domains of the receptors were removed no outgrowth inhibition was seen ...

More definitions of "outgrowth":

  • (noun): A natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant.
    Synonyms: process, appendage

Famous quotes containing the word outgrowth:

    Self-centeredness is a natural outgrowth of one of the toddler’s major concerns: What is me and what is mine...? This is why most toddlers are incapable of sharing ... to a toddler, what’s his is what he can get his hands on.... When something is taken away from him, he feels as though a piece of him—an integral piece—is being torn from him.
    Lawrence Balter (20th century)

    The United States is the only great nation whose government is operated without a budget. The fact is to be the more striking when it is considered that budgets and budget procedures are the outgrowth of democratic doctrines and have an important part in developing the modern constitutional rights.... The constitutional purpose of a budget is to make government responsive to public opinion and responsible for its acts.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)