What is ordered field?

Ordered Field

An ordered field is a field F together with a positive cone P.

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Real Closed Field - Definitions
... A real closed field is a field F in which any of the following equivalent conditions are true F is elementarily equivalent to the real numbers ... it has the same first-order properties as the reals any sentence in the first-order language of fields is true in F if and only if it is true in the reals ... There is a total order on F making it an ordered field such that, in this ordering, every positive element of F is a square in F and any polynomial of odd degree with ...
Ordered Field - Harrison Topology
... The Harrison topology is a topology on the set of orderings XF of a formally real field F ... Each order can be regarded as a multiplicative group homomorphism from F* onto ±1 ...
Completed - Mathematical Completeness
... See, for example, algebraically closed field or compactification ... be described equivalently as either the completeness of R as metric space or as a partially ordered set (see below) ... In order theory and related fields such as lattice and domain theory, completeness generally refers to the existence of certain suprema or infima of ...
Archimedean Property - Examples and Non-examples - Equivalent Definitions of Archimedean Ordered Field
... Every linearly ordered field K contains (an isomorphic copy of) the rationals as an ordered subfield, namely the subfield generated by the multiplicative unit 1 of K, which in turn ... The following are equivalent characterizations of Archimedean fields in terms of these substructures ... not the case when there exist infinite elements.) Thus an Archimedean field is one whose natural numbers grow without bound ...
Archimedean Property - Examples and Non-examples - Non-Archimedean Ordered Field
... For an example of an ordered field that is not Archimedean, take the field of rational functions with real coefficients ... coefficient of the denominator is positive.) To make this an ordered field, one must assign an ordering compatible with the addition and multiplication ... Therefore, 1/x is an infinitesimal in this field ...

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