What is online refuelling?

Online Refuelling

In nuclear power technology, online refuelling is a technique for changing the fuel of a nuclear reactor while the pile is critical.

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Online Refuelling - Reactor Design - Unsuitable Types
... Refuelling a water-cooled, pressure-vessel type reactor has, to date, always involved a major shutdown in which the coolant is depressurised to allow for dissassembly of the pressure vessel ...
CANDU Reactor - Design - Basic Design and Operation
... of the CANDU design are listed below Use of online refuelling- A CANDU plant uses robotic machines to fuel the reactor with natural uranium while it is in operation ... and PWRs, CANDU reactors do not undergo batch refuelling, and 2 machines simply hook up to the reactor faces, open the end caps (located on the pressure tubes) and push in the new fuel, while spent fuel ... This design enables the use of online refuelling and many other unique features of CANDU ...