What is Old Hickory?

  • (noun): 7th president of the US; successfully defended New Orleans from the British in 1815; expanded the power of the presidency (1767-1845).
    Synonyms: Jackson, Andrew Jackson

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Carya Myristiciformis
... Carya myristiciformis, the Nutmeg Hickory, of the Juglandaceae or Walnut family, also called swamp hickory or bitter water hickory, is found as small, possibly relict populations across the Southern United ... is known of the growth rate of nutmeg hickory ...
Old Hickory, Tennessee - Notable Residents
... Notable residents of Old Hickory include Jack Kershaw (1913–2010), attorney and sculptor who represented James Earl Ray ...
Lone Hickory, North Carolina
... Lone Hickory is an unincorporated area in southern Yadkin County, North Carolina west of Courtney ... It is located on Lone Hickory road, about a mile southeast of the road's west end at U.S ...
Mokena – Hickory Creek (Metra)
... Mokena - Hickory Creek is one of two commuter rail stations along Metra's Rock Island District line in Mokena, Illinois ... The station is located at 9430 Hickory Creek Drive east of a former section of US 45, near Exit 145A on Interstate 80, which is the current southbound exit to US 45 ... In Metra's fare-based system, Hickory Creek Station is in zone F ...
Hickory, Virginia
... Hickory is a small rural community located within the independent city of Chesapeake in the U.S ... Hickory lies in the southern portion of the city and is adjacent to the North Carolina-Virginia border ... Most of Hickory is either rural farmland or wealthy suburban neighborhoods ...

Famous quotes containing the word hickory:

    Lincoln, six feet one in his stocking feet,
    The lank man, knotty and tough as a hickory rail,
    Whose hands were always too big for white-kid gloves,
    Whose wit was a coonskin sack of dry, tall tales,
    Whose weathered face was homely as a plowed field.
    Stephen Vincent Benét (1898–1943)