What is ocean escort?

Ocean Escort

Ocean Escort was a type of United States Navy warship.

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List Of Hull Classifications - D
... D Destroyer (pre-1920) DD Destroyer DDE Escort destroyer (category abolished 1962) DDG Guided missile destroyer DDK Hunter-Killer Destroyer (category merged into DDE, 4 ...
Ocean Escort
... Ocean Escort was a type of United States Navy warship ... Ocean Escorts were an evolution of the World War II destroyer escort types ... They were intended as convoy escorts and were designed for mobilization production in wartime or low-cost mass production in peacetime ...
USS Blakely (FF-1072) - Operational History
... Between 4 and 11 August, the ocean escort made a round-trip voyage to the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range for missile and gunfire qualification ... On 1 December 1972, the ocean escort got underway from Charleston bound for the western Pacific ... On 14 June, the ocean escort stood out of Charleston on her way to the Mediterranean ...
USCGC Ossipee (WPR-50) - World War One - Gibraltar Convoy Duty - Danger Zone Escort
... September she joined her first convoy as a "Danger Zone Escort." This duty generally lasted several days ... On outbound convoys, the Danger Zone Escort would escort the convoy to a meeting with the "Ocean Escort" at sea ... The Danger Zone Escort would return to base while the convoy proceeded to its destination under the protection of only one warship, the Ocean Escort ...
USCGC Ossipee (WPR-50) - World War One - Gibraltar Convoy Duty - Ocean Escort
... On 30 October the cutter again left Gibraltar, this time as the Ocean Escort for a convoy bound to England ... convoy with which she had been associated, but the first for which she was the Ocean Escort ... On the 13th Ossipee left for Gibraltar with another convoy acting as the Ocean Escort, and arrived at her destination on the 27th ...

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