What is Ob?

  • (noun): The branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother.
    Synonyms: obstetrics, tocology, midwifery
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Cygnus OB2-12
... It is a member of the Cyg OB2 Association, a cluster of young massive stars about 5000 light years away in Cygnus, and resides in a region of the Galaxy from which visible light is heavily absorbed by interstellar dust when viewed from the Earth ... The dust causes the star to be strongly reddened despite being an intrinsically hot and blue star, hence it has been extensively studied in the infra-red ...
Summer Shaw - Storylines - Kris
... was revealed that they are a couple when she tells OB "I never would have thought I would have a boyfriend who looked better than me in lipgloss." However, after realising her feelings for OB ... I be today, male or female?' Later Kris sees Summer having lunch with OB and is angry, but when OB defends her Kris and OB 'fight', ending in Summer pouring water over them ...
Martin Obšitník
... Martin Obšitník (born 2 November 1969 in Košice) is a former Slovak football midfielder ... Obšitník is a participant of 1989 FIFA World Youth Championship ...
Ob, Russia - Transportation
... The headquarters of the S7 Airlines company is located in Ob, which is currently Russia's fastest growing airline and recently passed Aeroflot as Russia's ...

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  • (noun): A major river of western Siberia; flows generally northward and westward to the Gulf of Ob and the Kara Sea.
    Synonyms: Ob River