What is Northern Rhodesia?

  • (noun): A republic in central Africa; formerly controlled by Great Britain and called Northern Rhodesia until it gained independence within the Commonwealth in 1964.
    Synonyms: Zambia, Republic of Zambia

Northern Rhodesia

Northern Rhodesia was a territory in south central Africa, formed in 1911. It became independent in 1964 as Zambia.

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Northern Rhodesia - Culture - 1964 Olympics
... The country entered the 1964 Summer Olympics as Northern Rhodesia , and left in the closing ceremony as Zambia on 24 October, the day independence was formally declared ...
Scouting In Displaced Persons Camps - World War II and Aftermath - Africa - Northern Rhodesia
... Refugees from Poland during World War II founded Scout groups in Northern Rhodesia ... They worked together with the British Scouts there ...
Leslie Desmond Foster Vesey-Fitzgerald - Works (selected)
... (Nomadacris Septemfasciata Serv.) in Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia 1955 Vegetation of the Red Sea coast south of Jedda, Saudi-Arabia. 45_779-798 1958 The Snakes of Northern Rhodesia and the Tanganyika Borderlands Brown Knight Truscott London 1963 Annotated List of Grasses Collected in the Congo Drainage Basin of Northern ...
Federation Of Rhodesia And Nyasaland - Constitutional Origins
... It was commonly understood that Southern Rhodesia would be the dominant territory in the federation – economically, electorally, and militarily ... the difference between the number of Europeans in Southern Rhodesia compared to the Northern Protectorates ... this was the significant growth in Southern Rhodesia's European settler population (overwhelmingly British migrants), unlike in the Northern Protectorates ...
Glyn Smallwood Jones - Northern Rhodesia
... He spent his first eight months in Northern Rhodesia under canvas, based in the Zambezi valley ... In 1936-1937 he played on the Northern Rhodesia national soccer team ... However, she refused to go back with him to Northern Rhodesia and he never saw her again ...

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