What is native state?

Native State

In biochemistry, the native state of a protein or nucleic acid is its properly folded and/or assembled form, which is operative and functional. The native state of a biomolecule may possess all four levels of biomolecular structure, with the secondary through quaternary structure being formed from weak interactions along the covalently-bonded backbone. This is in contrast to the denatured state, in which these weak interactions are disrupted, leading to the loss of these forms of structure and retaining only the biomolecule's primary structure.

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Folding Funnel
... of protein folding, which assumes that a protein's native state corresponds to its free energy minimum under the solution conditions usually encountered in cells ... landscapes may be "rough", with many non-native local minima in which partially folded proteins can become trapped, the folding funnel hypothesis assumes that the native state is a deep free energy ... The molten globule state predicted by the folding funnel theory as an ensemble of folding intermediates thus corresponds to a protein in which hydrophobic collapse has occurred but many ...
Molten Globule
... was first found in cytochrome c, which conserves a native-like secondary structure content but without the tightly packed protein interior, under low pH and high salt ... proteins, it has been shown that the molten globule state is a "thermodynamic state" clearly different both from the native and the denatured state, demonstrating for the first time the existence of a third ... intermediate) state ...
Serine Protease Inhibitors - Serpins, Serpinopathies and Human Disease
... interfere with the ability of the serpin to fold to the metastable native state ... serpin folding, the serpin rapidly moves through a key folding intermediate to attain the native state ... that this folding species rapidly moves on to adopt native state ...
Native State - Metallurgy
... With respect to metals the term native state refers to metals which are found chemically uncombined in nature ... as metals" are referred to as being in their "native state" ... For example, Native copper ...
Protein Design - Overview
... enormous, but only a subset of them will fold reliably and quickly to a single native state ... in particular those with a physiologically active native state ... Physically, the native state of a protein is the conformational free energy minimum for the chain ...

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