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Labor Party (United States) - Secretaries of The SLP
... Patten July 1876 - April 1883 Corresponding Secretary Schneider April–October 1883 Corresponding Secretary Hugo Vogt October–December 1883 Corresponding Secretary None ... March 1884-October 1889 Corresponding and Financial Secretary Benjamin J ... Gretsch October 1889-October 1891 National Secretary Henry Kuhn 1891–1906 National Secretary Frank Bohn 1906–1908 National Secretary Henry Kuhn 1908 (pro tem) National Secretary Paul Augustine 1908–1914 National ...
Alpha Tau Alpha - Membership Types
... with the appropriate information about each nominee shall be submitted to the national secretary at least one month prior to the National Conclave ... A screening committee, composed of one national officer and two student members appointed by the national president, shall investigate the nominations and make ... The initiation of the new members will be held at the National Conclave the following year ...
Laurie Aarons
... "Laurie" Aarons (19 August 1917 – 7 February 2005), Australian Communist leader, was National Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) from 1965 to 1976 ... In 1965 Sharkey finally retired and Aarons succeeded him as National Secretary of the party ... Aarons retired as National Secretary in 1976, but remained influential in CPA affairs until the party was wound up in 1991 ...
Cécile Duflot - Biography - Political Career
... college of the Greens she organised the acquisition of their national headquarters ... On 16 November 2006 she was elected National Secretary of the Conseil National Inter Régional, succeeding Yann Wehrling ... At the age of 31, she was the youngest ever National Secretary of the Greens ...
Eric Aarons - Political Activism
... In 1947 he was sent to Wollongong, as secretary of the CPA’s South Coast District ... In 1959 Aarons was sent by the CPA to be secretary of the Newcastle District, a highly working class industrial and mining town 150 kilometres north of Sydney ... destructive international policy which placed Soviet national interests, as Stalin saw them, first and foremost ...

Famous quotes containing the words secretary and/or national:

    ... the wife of an executive would be a better wife had she been a secretary first. As a secretary, you learn to adjust to the boss’s moods. Many marriages would be happier if the wife would do that.
    Anne Bogan, U.S. executive secretary. As quoted in Working, book 1, by Studs Terkel (1973)

    The return of the asymmetrical Saturday was one of those small events that were interior, local, almost civic and which, in tranquil lives and closed societies, create a sort of national bond and become the favorite theme of conversation, of jokes and of stories exaggerated with pleasure: it would have been a ready- made seed for a legendary cycle, had any of us leanings toward the epic.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)