What is national front?

National Front

National Front can refer to the following political parties and coalitions:

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Some articles on national front:

Charles Parker (UK Politician)
... was a leading member of the British National Party in its early years and provided the group with much of its funding ... Brighton, Parker and his wife joined the National Front (NF) in 1975 ... Tyndall out of the NF in 1980 he became a leading member of the New National Front and provided the financial backing that enabled the fledgling ...
National Front - Defunct Political Parties
... National Front (Australia) National Front (Colombia) (1958–1974), an agreement between the Liberal and Conservative parties National Front (Czechoslovakia) National Front (East Germany) Rahvarinne ...
Abas Ermenji - History
... In 1941, Ermenji returned to Albania and helped organise the National Front (Balli Kombëtar) ... He settled in Paris where the Democratic National Committee directs the "Free Albania", which has played a major role in efforts for a free Albania ... After recreating the National Front in Albania in 1991, Ermenji was elected leader of the new National Front in the years 1994 and 1998 ...
List Of Labour Party Members Of The London Assembly - Candidates - Constituency Candidates
... Onkar Sahota Mike Harling Mike Cox Helen Knight David Furness Ian Edward (National Front) Enfield Haringey Andy Hemsted Joanne McCartney (inc.) Peter Krakowiak Dawn Barnes Peter Staveley Marie ...
Members Of The Lok Sabha - History - Non-Congress Governments - 9th Lok Sabha
... The National Front came into power.The Bofors scandal, rising terrorism in Punjab, the civil war between LTTE and Sri Lankan government lost the ... The National Front consisted of Jan Morcha, Janata Party, Lok Dal and Congress (S), in order to bring together all the parties opposed to the Rajiv Gandhi government ... rallied around the Janata Dal including the DMK, TDP, and AGP and formed the National Front ...

Famous quotes containing the words front and/or national:

    You did not expect to find such spruce trees in the wild woods, but they evidently attend to their toilets each morning even there. Through such a front yard did we enter that wilderness.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.
    Thomas Paine (1737–1809)