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List Of United States Christmas Television Episodes - Sitcoms - Mystery Science Theater 3000
... Mystery Science Theater 321 ... - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1991) Mystery Science Theater 521 ... - Santa Claus (1993) ...
The Brute Man - Cultural References
... The Brute Man was featured in a seventh season episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a comedy television series ... the impression that they are sitting in a movie theater as they make their jokes ... The description for The Brute Man in The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, a book by the cast and writers of the series ...
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Flash Series)
... Mystery Science Theater 3000, also referred to as "The 'Bots Are Back!" is an Internet cartoon created by Best Brains, Inc ... It is inspired by BBI's original Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV series, and is directed by former Executive Producer Jim Mallon ...
SF Sketchfest
... Nelson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and performances by Totally Looped featuring Dan Castellaneta and Rick Overton Slovin Allen The Naked ... Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett from Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Upright Citizens Brigade with Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Sean Conroy, Andy Daly and guest ... The tribute was done later that summer on July 17 at the Herbst Theater, where O'Brien was joined by Andy Richter and moderator Patton Oswalt for a ...

Famous quotes containing the words theater, mystery and/or science:

    Since people no longer attend church, theater remains as the only public service, and literature as the only private devotion.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)

    Oh! mystery of man, from what a depth
    Proceed thy honours. I am lost, but see
    In simple childhood something of the base
    On which thy greatness stands; but this I feel,
    That from thyself it comes, that thou must give,
    Else never canst receive. The days gone by
    Return upon me almost from the dawn
    Of life: the hiding-places of man’s power
    Open; I would approach them, but they close.
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

    It is unheard-of, uncivilized barbarism that any woman should still be forced to bear such monstrous torture. It should be remedied. It should be stopped. It is simply absurd that, with our modern science, painless childbirth does not exist as a matter of course.... I tremble with indignation when I think of ... the unspeakable egotism and blindness of men of science who permit such atrocities when they can be remedied.
    Isadora Duncan (1878–1927)