What is mutilate?

  • (verb): Destroy or injure severely.
    Synonyms: mar
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Crossed (comics) - Plot Synopsis
... to the point that they will gleefully mutilate themselves for the sheer thrill of it, including amputating their own limbs (understandably, these Crossed don't tend to survive very long) ... do not simply rape and kill their victims, they torture and mutilate them to cause the maximum amount of pain and suffering ... scouting expedition from a survivor enclave will frequently proceed to torture and mutilate their captive within sight of the survivors' fortress, to inflict psychological torment on the unreachable people ...

More definitions of "mutilate":

  • (verb): Destroy or injure severely.
    Synonyms: mangle, cut up
  • (verb): Alter so as to make unrecognizable.
    Synonyms: mangle, murder

Famous quotes containing the word mutilate:

    Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of those who mutilate the flesh!
    Paul. Bible: New Testament, Philippians 3:2.