What is multiracial?

  • (adj): Made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races.
    Example: "A multiracial society"; "multiracial government"


The terms multiracial and mixed-race describe people or groups of people whose ancestries come from multiple races. Unlike the term biracial, which often is only used to refer to having parents or grandparents of two different races, the term multiracial may encompass biracial people but can also include people with more than two races in their heritage, or also may refer to the origin of more generationally distant genetic admixtures of more than one race in a person's DNA.

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Multiracial - Ethnic Groups
... African-origin Afro-Arab Afro-Asian mostly native to the Americas and Africa Cafres Coloured Southern African Creoles of color Afro-Dominican Griqua Mulatto Asian-origin Afro Asians (African Asians) native to Asia, some sub-groups within this demographic are biracial Amerasian Anglo-Indian Burgher people Daur people Dongxiang people Dougla Eurasian Hafu Han Chinese Hapa Hui people Indo people Kazakhs Kyrgyz people Lipka Tatars Maldivians Mongols Romani people Salar people Siberian peoples Sri Lankan Moors Tajiks of Xinjiang Uyghur people Uzbeks Berber/Arab-Origin Afro-Arab Berber people Maghreb people Moors Riffian people Saharuis European-origin Basters Black Dutch Black Irish (southern United States) Black Irish of the Caribbean Black Irish of Ireland British Mixed Castizo Isleños Eurasian Rhineland Bastards Tatars Native American-origin Atlantic Creole Black Indians Black Seminoles Casta Caboclo Cherokee freedmen Chestnut Ridge people Choctaw Freedmen Cholo Garifuna Hapa Half-breed Marabou Maroons Mestee Mestizo Métis people (Canada) Métis people (United States) Miskito Zambo Mixed-Bloods Pardo Redbone Zambo Semitic-Origin Jews Habesha people Imazighen Tri-Racial-Origin *individual members of these groups may instead be biracial Atlantic Creole Brass ankles Brazilian people Cuban people Louisiana Creole people Lumbee Melungeon Puerto Rican people Redbone Possibly Quadri-Racial, or of four races, in some communities We-Sorts/Proctors of Southern Maryland Dominican people Trinidadian people Hispanics Other types Creole peoples Race of the Future Within Native American Tribal Nations See also Cherokee Freedmen Controversy Many Native American tribes have significant minority populations, or in some cases even majority populations, of people with multi-racial origin ... However many of these individuals will identify simply as tribal members of that nation ...
Maria P. P. Root
... Her areas of work include multiracial families, multiracial identity, cultural competence, trauma, work place harassment, and disordered eating ... She has edited two award-winning books on multiracial people and produced the Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People ...
Multiracial American
... Multiracial Americans are Americans who identify as of "two or more races" ... approximately 9 million individuals, or 2.9% of the population, self-identified as multiracial ... Prior to the mid-20th century, many people hid their multiracial heritage because of racial discrimination against minorities ...
Multiracial American - Identity - Multi-racial Identity
... The social identity of children and of their parents in the same multiracial family may vary or be the same ... Some multiracial children feel pressure from various sources to "choose" or to identify as a single racial identity ... Some multiracial individuals attempt to claim a new category ...
Multiracial American - Demographics
... Further information Racial and ethnic demographics of the United States Multiracial people who wanted to acknowledge their full heritage won a victory of sorts in 1997, when the ... on reactions to the new census To many mainline civil rights groups, the new census is part of a multiracial nightmare ... of framing racial issues in stark black and white terms, they fear that the multiracial movement will break down longstanding alliances, weakening people of color ...