What is moustache?

  • (noun): An unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip.
    Synonyms: mustache


A moustache ( /ˈmʌstæʃ/ or /məˈstɑːʃ/; American English: mustache) is facial hair grown on the upper lip. It may or may not be accompanied by a type of beard, a facial hair style grown and cropped to cover most of the lower half of the face.

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Moustache - In Sport
2008 Summer Olympics Croatia men's national water polo team grew moustaches in honor of coach Ratko Rudić ... in the book Mustache Gang, Oakland Athletics owner Charlie Finley decided to hold a moustache-growing contest within his team ... Swimmer Mark Spitz won seven gold medals while sporting a moustache when swimmers usually shaved all their body hair to decrease drag ...
Stache - Development and Care
... The moustache forms its own stage in the development of facial hair in adolescent males ... of the upper lip (age 11–15) It then spreads to form a moustache over the entire upper lip (age 16–17) This is followed by the appearance of hair on the upper part of the cheeks, and the ... Moustaches can be tended through shaving the hair of the chin and cheeks, preventing it from becoming a full beard ...
Moustache (Half A Scissor)
... Moustache (Half a Scissor) is Mr ... The first and only single from Moustache (Half a Scissor) was "Stunt" ... Moustache will be re-released on Brainfeeder records in 2011 on Limited edition Vinyl ...
Moustache (album)
... Moustache was the debut album released by UK band Farrah recorded on Miles Copeland III's Ark21 label ... Ted" (bass player Mike Walker's uncle who, at the time, claimed to have the longest moustache in the UK) ... Moustache (with Extra Wax) was released in Spain and France and Moustache (with Exxtra Wax) was released in Japan - each version with differing bonus ...
Michael "Atters" Attree - Other Interests
... Equally famous for his handlebar moustache, Attree sits upon the committee of London's Handlebar Club where he edited the clubs journal for a number of years ... rakish member." He has also been Chairman of the World Beard and Moustache Championships and was Master of Ceremonies (and a key organiser) of the 2007 Brighton Centre charity event ... FT Magazine declared that he frequently sleeps donned in a protective moustache snood and Le Figaro cites "Atters" as "one of the most beautiful moustaches of England." ...