What is mos technology?

MOS Technology

MOS Technology, Inc., also known as CSG (Commodore Semiconductor Group), was a semiconductor design and fabrication company based in Norristown, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is most famous for its 6502 microprocessor, and various designs for Commodore International's range of home computers.

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MOS Technology - Products
... kit)/CPU evaluation board, based on 6502 MOS Technology 4510 – CPU (CSG 65CE02) with two CIAs on-chip 3.45 MHz MOS Technology 5719 – Gary Gate Array MOS Technology ... MOS Technology 6507 – CPU with 13 address pins MOS Technology 6508 – CPU with 256 B RAM and 8 I/O pins MOS Technology 6509 – CPU with 20 address pins ...
Commodore VIC-20 - History - Origin, Marketing
5 kB of RAM (of this, only 3583 bytes were available to the BASIC programmer) and used the same MOS 6502 CPU as the PET ... The VIC-20's video chip, the MOS Technology VIC, was a general-purpose color video chip designed by Al Charpentier in 1977 and intended for use in inexpensive ... character display which in turn required the MOS Technology 6564 chip ...
Commodore 64 Games System - Technical Specifications - Internal Hardware
... Microprocessor CPU MOS Technology 8500 (the 6510/8500 being a modified 6502 with an integrated 8-bit I/O port) Clock speed 0.985 MHz (PAL) RAM 64 KB (65,535 bytes) ... Video hardware MOS Technology VIC-II MOS 8569 (PAL) 16 colors Text mode 40×25 user-defined characters smooth scrolling Bitmap modes 320×200, 160×200 (multicolor) 8 hardware sprites, 24×21 ...
Commodore 64 Music - See Also
... Wikimedia Commons has media related to MOS Technology SID Commodore 64 Games that Talk - A web page devoted to all the c64 games that contain Voice or Digitized speech ... MOS Technology VIC - the combined graphics and sound chip of the VIC-20 Atari POKEY MOS Technology 8364 "Paula" Chiptune Sound chip The High Voltage SID ...
MOS Technology 6508
... The MOS Technology 6508 is an 8-bit microprocessor designed by MOS Technology ... Based on the popular 6502, the 6508 was augmented with two additional features an internal 8-bit digital I/O port and 256 bytes of internal static RAM ...

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