What is moldavian plateau?

Moldavian Plateau

The Moldavian Plateau (Romanian: Podişul Moldovei) or Pokutian-Bessarabian Upland is a geographic area spanning northeast Romania, most of Moldova (except the south), and most of the Chernivtsi Oblast of Ukraine.

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Dniester Hills
... Nistrului), also known as Northern Moldavian Plateau (Romanian Podişul Moldovei de Nord) is a geographic area that comprises most of the northern Moldova, and parts of the Chernivtsi Oblast of Ukraine ... Dniester Hills are the N and NE component of the Moldavian Plateau ... N and E, and separates them from the Podolian Plateau ...
Moldavian Plateau - Animals
... Characteristic of the plateau are mammals such as goats, wild boars, wolves, foxes, European wildcats, lynxes, badgers, and hares ...
Moldavian Plain
... Moldavian Plain (Romanian Câmpia Moldovei) is a geographic area in the north west of Moldova and north east of Romania, one of the six compenents of the Moldavian Plateau ... Despite the name, Moldavian Plain is not flat, but a region dotted with hills, part of the Moldavian Plateau ... Moldavian Plain is situate in the center-north part of the Moldavian Plateau ...