What is ministering?

  • (adj): Serving attendance on someone.
    Example: "A ministering angel"
    Synonyms: ministrant, attending

Some articles on ministering:

Martyr Of Charity - List of Martyrs of Charity
... collective punishment in Auschwitz canonized in 1982 Everard Mercurian, died ministering in an influenza epidemic in 1580 ... Edward Metcalfe, died ministering in an epidemic in Leeds in 1847 ... the Potawatomi in 1839 Bernardo Tolomei, died ministering in a plague epidemic in 1348 canonized in 2009 Sára Salkaházi, executed for sheltering Jews from the Holocaust beatified in 2006 Aloysius ...
Castlerigg Manor - Work & Mission - An Article
... of remembering very clearly both what you are ministering and who you are ministering it to ... I suppose that the two largest dangers in ministering to young people are firstly to alter the faith to make it seem more attractive and secondly to present it as a dry exhortation with no exploration of what it means ...
Timeline Of Christian Missions - 1700 To 1799
... Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts begins ministering to blacks. 1757 - Lutherans begin ministering to Blacks in the Caribbean 1758- John Wesley baptizes two slaves, thus breaking the skin color barrier for Methodist societies 1759 - Native American ... Marrant, a free black from New York City, begins ministering cross-culturally, preaching to the American Indians ...