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Old Stone Fort (Tennessee) - The Old Stone Fort's Builders and Function - Who Built The Old Stone Fort?
... determined the builders to be Native Americans of the Middle Woodland period ... the structure's walls all dated to approximately 30-430 AD, in the Middle Woodland period ... is similar to other structures built by Middle Woodland cultures, such as the Hopewell people of Ohio and the Pinson Mound builders in West Tennessee ...
Deptford Culture - Artifacts
... in Georgia around 2,600 years ago out of the Early Woodland Refuge phase (near Savannah), and spread north into South Carolina and North Carolina and south into Florida ... ceramics continued to be made and found on Middle Woodland sites in the southeastern U.S ... From the Early through the Middle Woodland periods, the extensive, low-lying coastal environment of the South Atlantic coast, stretching from North Carolina to northern Florida, was used by numerous Deptford hunter-gathe ...
Prehistory Of West Virginia - Other Woodland Cultures - Latest Woodland
... During the early Late Woodland period (350–750 CE), maize agriculture is rare ... Maize agriculture became more commonplace during the Middle Woodland 400 BCE–400 CE, which also saw a flowering of Eastern Agricultural Complex, that is ... The following Late Prehistoric Woodland people approached solving this problem with the development of the Three Sisters Crop method or companion seed sowing ...
Prehistory Of West Virginia - Ceramic Industry
... The earliest ceramics of the region's Woodland Culture is called the Half-Moon Ware ... Cordmarked variant is a new provisional Early Woodland (1500-400 BC) ceramic series (Niquette and all) ... Kerr writes, "Traditionally, archeologists distinguish the Woodland period from the preceding Archaic by the appearance of cord-marked or fabric-marked pottery, the construction of ...
History Of Louisiana - Prehistory - Woodland Period
... Tchefuncte and Lake Cormorant cultures of the Tchula period, local manifestations of Early Woodland period ... The Middle Woodland period starts in Louisiana with the Marksville culture in the southern and eastern part of the state and the Fourche Maline culture in the northwestern part of ... By 400 CE in the eastern part of the state the Late Woodland period had begun with the Baytown and Troyville cultures and later the Coles Creek culture ...

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    I already, and for weeks afterward, felt my nature the coarser for this part of my woodland experience, and was reminded that our life should be lived as tenderly and daintily as one would pluck a flower.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    There was a little girl, she had a little curl
    Right in the middle of her forehead;
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