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Seven Names Of God Prayer
... Meher Baba to his students and close disciples to memorize and recite, often as a chant or song, at certain times during his life ... the prayer on June 16, 1927 for the students in his free school known as the Meher Ashram to memorize and recite daily ... Baba later had his adult disciples memorize the prayer ...
Multiplication Table - Patterns in The Tables
... There is a pattern in the multiplication table that can help people to memorize the table more easily. 2 For example, to memorize all the multiples of 7 Look at the 7 in the first picture and follow the arrow ... These patterns can be used to memorize the multiples of any number from 0 to 10, except 5 ...
The Organ - Discography - Singles and EPs
... I Can Do" — "No One Has Ever Looked so Dead" "Memorize The City" (7", 2005) "Memorize The City" — "There Is Nothing I Can Do" "Memorize The City" (CD, 2005) "Memorize The City" — "T ...
Sunni View Of Abu Huraira - Friendship With Muhammad
... you.' With his formidable memory, Abu Hurayrah set out to memorize in the four years that he spent with the Prophet, the gems of wisdom that emanated from his ... will fill my stomach and I used to attend that which they used not to attend and I used to memorize that which they used not to memorize ...
Chunking (psychology) - Expertise and Skilled Memory Effects
... An example of this is a distance runner attempting to memorize numbers ... This allows the expert runner to memorize more numbers by making them relevant to him or herself ... running times would have difficulty with this, and ultimately not be able to memorize as many numbers ...

Famous quotes containing the word memorize:

    In order to cultivate yourself and to drop no lower than the level of the milieu in which you have landed, it is not enough to read Pickwick and memorize a monologue from Faust.... You need to work continually day and night, to read ceaselessly, to study, to exercise your will.... Each hour is precious.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)

    What do you think of us in fuzzy endeavor, you whose directions are sterling, whose lunge is straight?
    Can you make a reason, how can you pardon us who memorize the rules and never score?
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)