What is meeting place?

  • (noun): A public facility to meet for open discussion.
    Synonyms: forum, assembly

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The Forks, Winnipeg
... The Forks — Historic meeting place / Neighbourhood — Coordinates 49°53′13″N 97°07′50″W / 49.88694°N 97.13056°W / 49.88694 -97.13056Coordinates 49°53′13″N 97°07′50″W ... For at least 6000 years, the Forks has been the meeting place for early Aboriginal peoples, and since colonization has also been a meeting place for European fur traders, Métis ...
Mads Johansen Lange - Settlement in The East - Peace Broker
... forces assembled at Djagaraga, the same place they had sought refuge in 1846 ... The meeting took place on April 7 ... had arrived, Mads Lange organised a meeting for all Dutch soldiers and 12.000 Balinese ...
The Meeting Place Church (Winnipeg)
... The Meeting Place (commonly referred to as TMP) is an evangelical Christian church located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba ... The Meeting Place's mission statement is "to be a biblically-functioning community leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ." In order to accomplish ... It is the intention of those at The Meeting Place to (1) Pursue spiritual growth, (2) Build whole relationships, (3) Share Jesus relentlessly, and (4) Ignite passion for the Bible ...
The Age Of The Understatement - Track Listing
... "Meeting Place" 355 12 ... Catalog number WIGCD208 lists track #11 and #12 as "The Meeting Place" and "Time Has Come Again" respectively while catalog number WIGCD208S lists them as "Meeting Place" and "The Time Has Come Again" ...
Place Of Worship - Names Used For Places of Worship - Christianity
... In Catholicism and Anglicanism, some smaller and "private" places of worship are called chapels ... word church is used to refer to a Christian place of worship by some Christian denominations including Anglicans and Roman Catholics, other Christian denominations, including the ... these groups use words sucom Hall to identify their places of worship, and seldom, if ever, use the word 'church' to describe any building in use by them for the purpose of such assembly ...

Famous quotes containing the words place and/or meeting:

    If I place love above everything, it is because for me it is the most desperate, the most despairing state of affairs imaginable.
    André Breton (1896–1966)

    I have seen some who did not know when to turn aside their eyes in meeting yours. A truly confident and magnanimous spirit is wiser than to contend for the mastery in such encounters. Serpents alone conquer by the steadiness of their gaze. My friend looks me in the face and sees me, that is all.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)