What is meat?


Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food. Generally, this means the skeletal muscle and associated fat and other tissues, but it may also describe other edible tissues such as offal. Often, meat is used in a more restrictive sense – the flesh of mammalian species (pigs, cattle, lambs, etc.) raised and prepared for human consumption, to the exclusion of fish and other seafood, poultry, and other animals. Usage varies worldwide, depending on cultural or religious preferences.

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Some articles on meat:

Issues With Meat Consumption - Imitation Meat
... Various forms of imitation meat have been created for people who wish not to eat meat but still want to taste its flavor and texture ... Meat imitates are typically some form of processed soybean, (tofu, tempeh), but they can also be based on wheat gluten or even fungus (quorn) ...
Gustavus Franklin Swift - "Everything But The Squeal"
... Low-grade meats were canned in products like pork and beans ... Sausages might incorporate rat droppings, dead rodents, or sawdust, and meat that had spoiled or meat mixed with waste materials was sometimes packed and sold (Swift once bragged that his slaughterhouses had become ... of which shocked the nation and led to the passing of the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906 ...
Gustavus Franklin Swift - Vertical Integration
... The meat packing plants of Chicago were among the first to utilize assembly-line (or in this case, disassembly-line) production techniques ... divisions, each one responsible for conducting a different aspect of the business of "bringing meat from the ranch to the consumer" ... Swift was able to control the sale of his meats from the slaughterhouse to the local butcher shop ...
Spam Jam
... SPAM Jam (formerly known as Cedar River days) is a yearly festival of the popular meat product Spam ... It is held in Austin, Minnesota, where Hormel food company produces the meat. 7 and includes fireworks, parades, games, a carnival, and of course, the mysterious meat itself ...

More definitions of "meat":

  • (noun): The inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone.
    Synonyms: kernel
  • (noun): The flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food.

Famous quotes containing the word meat:

    A little meat best fits a little belly,
    As sweetly Lady, give me leave to tell ye,
    This little Pipkin fits this little Jelly.
    Robert Herrick (1591–1674)

    How much more interesting an event is that man’s supper who has just been forth in the snow to hunt, nay, you might say, steal, the fuel to cook it with! His bread and meat are sweet.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    What I expect from my male friends is that they are polite and clean. What I expect from my female friends is unconditional love, the ability to finish my sentences for me when I am sobbing, a complete and total willingness to pour their hearts out to me, and the ability to tell me why the meat thermometer isn’t supposed to touch the bone.
    Anna Quindlen (20th century)