What is mass murder?

Mass Murder

Mass murder (in military contexts, sometimes interchangeable with "mass destruction" or "genocide") is the act of murdering a large number of people (four or more), typically at the same time or over a relatively short period of time. According to the FBI, mass murder is defined as four or more murders occurring during a particular event with no cooling-off period between the murders. A mass murder typically occurs in a single location in which a number of victims are killed by an individual or more. Most acts of mass murder end with the death of the perpetrator(s), whether by direct suicide or being killed by law enforcement.

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Holocausto - Development and Execution - New Methods of Mass Murder
... in December 1939, the Nazis introduced new methods of mass murder by using gas ... A need for new mass murder techniques was also expressed by Hans Frank, governor of the General Government, who noted that this many people could not be simply shot ...
Mass Murder By Terrorists
... See also List of mass car bombings, List of terrorist incidents, and Suicide bombings in Iraq since 2003 In recent years, terrorists have performed acts of mass murder to intimidate a society and ... Examples of major terrorist incidents involving mass murder include October 6, 1976 Cubana Flight 455 - 73 killed November 20, 1979 Grand Mosque Seizure - 127 killed (excluding ...
Richard Hambleton - Image Mass Murder
... Richard Hambleton's early public art is noteworthy for his Image Mass Murder concept ... Like Hambleton's future "Shadowman" paintings, the Image Mass Murder "crime scenes" would often have the effect of startling or shocking passersby ...
List Of Rampage Killers
... This is a partial list of mass murders and spree killings perpetrated by individuals ... This list shall contain every case with at least one of the following features Mass murder cases with six or more dead (excluding the perpetrator) Mass murder cases with a double digit number of ...
Eric Fuchs
... In March 1943 Fuchs was removed from Action T4, and his work in mass murder and genocide was done ... He was charged with participation in the mass murder of approximately 3,600 Jews ... Fuchs was found guilty of being an accessory to the mass murder of at least 79,000 Jews and sentenced to four years imprisonment ...

Famous quotes containing the words murder and/or mass:

    Don’t pay any attention to Ah Ling. He has a mania for quoting Confucius. And Charlie Chan.
    —Joseph O’Donnell. Clifford Sanforth. Mrs. Houghland, Murder by Television, reassuring her friends after the houseboy has pointed out a sign of ill omen (1935)

    The mass believes that it has the right to impose and to give force of law to notions born in the café.
    José Ortega Y Gasset (1883–1955)