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Marquess Jing Of Han - Ancestors
... Ancestors of Marquess Jing of Han 16 ... Marquess Jing of Han Monarchs of Han Early rulers Wuzi Qiubo Dingbo Ziyu Xianzi Xuanzi Zhenzi Jianzi Zhuangzi Kangzi Wuzi Marquesses Marquess Jing Marquess Lie Marquess Wen Marquess Ai Marquess Gong ...
Marquess Jing Of Han
... Marquess Jing of Han (Chinese 韩景侯 pinyin Hán Jǐnghóu) (died 400 BC), ancestral name Jì (姬), clan name Hán (韩), personal name Qían (虔), was the ruler of the ... Marquess Jing was the son of Wuzi of Han ... In 403 BC, Marquess Jing, along with Marquess Wen of Wei and Marquess Lie of Zhao partitioned the powerful Jin state into Han, Wei, and Zhao marking the beginning of the Warring ...

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