What is marital?

  • (adj): Of or relating to the state of marriage.
    Example: "Marital status"; "marital fidelity"
    Synonyms: matrimonial, married

Some articles on marital:

Marital Coercion - Differences From Duress
... While the defence of marital coercion has similarities to that of duress, it has significant differences It must be proved that the defendant is the legal wife of the man who ... Civil partnership does not suffice and a husband cannot claim marital coercion ... Until 2013 it was thought that the burden of proof lay on the defence to prove marital coercion on the balance of probabilities ...
Sexological Testing - Index - MAT (Marital Adjustment Test)
... MAT - Marital Adjustment Test A 15-item questionnaire which evaluates intrarelational adaptation and the agreement between husband and wife about those behaviours they ...
Leisure Satisfaction - Leisure Activities and Marital Satisfaction
... regarding leisure activities and marital satisfaction ... found that leisure activities influence marital satisfaction positively ... of leisure activities they choose and the relationship between their overall marital satisfactions ...
Marital Breakdown
... Marital breakdown refers to the common process whereby a marriage interpersonal relationship between a man and woman(or in countries that allow this between two men or ... breach of domestic anticipation, often leading to a divorce or dissolution of the marital relationship ... (see legal separation) Every marital breakdown is different in this regard ...
Marital Conversion
... Marital conversion is religious conversion upon marriage, either as a conciliatory act, or a mandated requirement according to a particular religious belief ... Conversely, they may require the marital conversion of those who wish to marry one of their adherents ...

Famous quotes containing the word marital:

    Your children are not here to fill the void left by marital dissatisfaction and disengagement. They are not to be utilized as a substitute for adult-adult intimacy. They are not in this world in order to satisfy a wife’s or a husband’s need for love, closeness or a sense of worth. A child’s task is to fully develop his/her emerging self. When we place our children in the position of satisfying our needs, we rob them of their childhood.
    Aaron Hess (20th century)

    Motherhood is the second oldest profession in the world. It never questions age, height, religious preference, health, political affiliation, citizenship, morality, ethnic background, marital status, economic level, convenience, or previous experience.
    Erma Bombeck (20th century)

    Never during our marital bliss did she cause me one moment’s uneasiness. Never did I have to ask, “Where have you been? What were you doing?” I always knew.
    Vina Delmar, U.S. novelist, playwright. Jerry (Cary Grant)