What is mainstream media?

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media (sometimes referred to by the acronym MSM) are those media disseminated via the largest distribution channels, which therefore represent what the majority of media consumers are likely to encounter. The term also denotes those media generally reflective of the prevailing currents of thought, influence, or activity.

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Some articles on mainstream media:

David Meerman Scott - Career - Thought
... of marketing PR" is that marketing and public relations is vastly different on the Web than in mainstream media ... He says that the "old rules" of mainstream media (which he asserts do not work on the Web) are about "controlling a message" and the only ways to get the ... their way in" using the tools of social media such as, blogs, podcasts, online news releases, online video, viral marketing, and online media ...
Sustainability Advertising - Information Carriers
... Information carriers of marketing messages are mainly mainstream media like national television, national radio and print ... Those media are also engaged in sustainability promotion, because they are central players in building consumers culture ... However, mainstream media have constrains in promoting sustainability issues due to limitations to the application of persuasive, motivational or educative communication ...
Mainstream Media - Alternative Terms
... blog Daily Kos, argues that by calling old media mainstream, new media is inherently marginalized, and thus prefers to use the term "traditional media ... Lamestream media, a pun based on replacing the word "main" with "lame" in the word "mainstream," is a pejorative alternative term ... Sarah Palin has been widely reported referring to lamestream media, notably during her participation in the Tea Party Express, in the context of what ...
Media Coverage Of The Iraq War - U.S. Mainstream Media Coverage - Criticisms of Pro-invasion Bias
... found that Fifty-seven percent of mainstream media viewers believed the falsity that Iraq gave substantial support to Al-Qaeda, or was directly involved in the September 11 attacks (48% after invasion) ... total sources were in favor of the Iraq War while total anti-war sources made up 10% of the media (only 3% of US sources were anti-war) ... the invasion, critics argued that the mainstream media unduly focused on optimistic events, such as the toppling of a Saddam Hussein statue in Firdos Square, which was staged with the ...

Famous quotes containing the words media and/or mainstream:

    One can describe a landscape in many different words and sentences, but one would not normally cut up a picture of a landscape and rearrange it in different patterns in order to describe it in different ways. Because a photograph is not composed of discrete units strung out in a linear row of meaningful pieces, we do not understand it by looking at one element after another in a set sequence. The photograph is understood in one act of seeing; it is perceived in a gestalt.
    Joshua Meyrowitz, U.S. educator, media critic. “The Blurring of Public and Private Behaviors,” No Sense of Place: The Impact of Electronic Media on Social Behavior, Oxford University Press (1985)

    At times it seems that the media have become the mainstream culture in children’s lives. Parents have become the alternative. Americans once expected parents to raise their children in accordance with the dominant cultural messages. Today they are expected to raise their children in opposition to it.
    Ellen Goodman (20th century)