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The Heir Trilogy - Main Characters
... – Warrior – High school student new to Trinity, Ohio Volunteer soccer coach Jack's love interest ... works at the Legends Coffee House first appears in The Wizard Heir Seph's love interest the Dragon Heir ... traitor – works for the highest bidder – Jason's love interest, appears in all three books ...
Lillian Van Der Woodsen - Guest Stars
... in seasons one and two, Lily's art dealer and a minor love interest for Rufus ... Rose in season two, an artist who becomes a love interest for Serena ... Luke Kleintank portrays Elliot Leichter, Eric's bisexual love interest, in seasons three and four ...
Romantic Interest
... The romantic interest (also called love interest or romantic love interest) is a stock character, an object of romantic admiration and attraction for the main character(s ... The primary characters and romantic love interests may be the two main characters, as in the case of Mr ... Disney animated features have main characters, villains and romantic interests that even children can easily identify ...
List Of Maximum Ride Characters - Other Characters - Normal School Characters - Lissa, Tess and Sam
... temporarily attended by the Flock, and a minor love interest for Fang ... She is an unexplored love interest for Iggy ... Sam is a 14-year-old boy, also a student at the school, who is a minor love interest for Max ...
Sweet Valley Twins - Recurring Characters
... Ken Matthews, a short boy on the basketball team and Amy's love interest ... Denny Jacobson, Janet Howell's love interest ... Jake Hamilton, Lila's love interest ...

Famous quotes containing the words interest and/or love:

    History in the making is a very uncertain thing. It might be better to wait till the South American republic has got through with its twenty-fifth revolution before reading much about it. When it is over, some one whose business it is, will be sure to give you in a digested form all that it concerns you to know, and save you trouble, confusion, and time. If you will follow this plan, you will be surprised to find how new and fresh your interest in what you read will become.
    Anna C. Brackett (1836–1911)

    To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.
    Edmund Burke (1729–1797)