What is loudness?


Loudness is the characteristic of a sound that is primarily a psychological correlate of physical strength (amplitude). More formally, it is defined as "that attribute of auditory sensation in terms of which sounds can be ordered on a scale extending from quiet to loud."

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Smiley Face Curve - Equal-loudness Contour
... frequency response of human hearing as charted in the equal-loudness contour, and has been compared to loudness compensation circuitry in that it increases the relative power of high and low ... to be heard properly by humans, it should have an equal-loudness contour applied to it when it is performing at low sound pressure levels, then the curve should gradually flatten out ...
Masayoshi Yamashita
1961 in Osaka, Japan) is the original and current bass guitarist of the Japanese heavy metal band, Loudness ... A short time later, his childhood neighbor and close friend, Akira Takasaki, invited him to join Loudness in 1981 ... In 1991, Yamashita left Loudness it was rumored that he did not get along with lead singer Mike Vescera, who replaced Niihara in 1989 ...
Munetaka Higuchi - Career
... their musical interests to hard rock and heavy metal, they founded Loudness in 1981 ... During his time with Loudness, Higuchi released his first solo album, Destruction, in 1983 ... He left Loudness in 1992, and resumed his solo career in the late-1990s, working also on side projects, including Sly (with former Loudness' singer Minoru Niihara), Bloodcircus, Rose ...
Loudness Compensation
... The “loudness” control on some consumer stereos alters the frequency response curve to correspond roughly with the equal loudness characteristic of the ear ... Loudness compensation is intended to make the recorded music sound more natural when played at a lower sound pressure level ...
Minoru Niihara - Discography - Albums With Loudness
... of Devil's Land (1983) Live-Loud-Alive Loudness in Tokyo (live 1983) Disillusion (1984) Disillusion (1984) - English version Odin (EP 1985) Thunder in the East (1985) Shadows of ... Pandemonium (2001) Biosphere (2002) Loudness Live 2002 (live 2003) Terror (2004) RockShocks (2004) Racing (2004) Breaking The Taboo (2006) Metal Mad (2008) The ...

More definitions of "loudness":

  • (noun): The magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction).
    Synonyms: volume, intensity