What is lifeless?

  • (adj): Deprived of life; no longer living.
    Example: "A lifeless body"
    Synonyms: exanimate
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Life Sentence Records - Catalog
... LSR5 1996 Overcome As the Curtain Falls 7" LSR6 1996 Focal Point Neglected 7" LSR7 1996 Lifeless Lifeless 7" LSR8 1996 Clear The Sickness Must End 7"/CD LSR9. 1997 Unconquered You Say Moderation, I Scream Prohibition CD LSR12 1997 Eighteen Visions Lifeless CD LSR13 1997 StateCraft Until the Darkness is Gone CD LSR14 Ookla the Mok Bless Her Little Black Heart CD LSR15 ...
A Divine Looking-Glass - Creation, Angels and The Three Heavens
... Just as God is eternal, so lifeless matter in the 'formlessness' of dust and water has existed since before time ... Creation is the word of God breathing life into the previously lifeless dust and water (2.8) ... it as a primal force lying in wait amongst the lifeless dust - a surprising prototype for the Cthulhu mythos ...
Bunshichi Tawara - Synopsis - Manga - Sohaku and Tournament Arcs
... Bunshichi takes Maya's lifeless body, puts her on his bike and drives off reminiscing about how Maya has never been on his bike and he's glad she's there ... estate and we see Mitsuomi still holding a seemingly lifeless Bunshichi ... Bunshichi is shown to be lifeless until the end of the fight, until it is revealed whilst an evacuation is occurring as the Takayanagi building is crumbling that he actually ...
... dín cridi "protection of the heart" ᚄ S Sail 'Willow' lí ambi "pallor of a lifeless one" lúth bech "sustenance of bees" tosach mela "beginning of ... ar cosmaillius a datha fri marb "the colour of a lifeless one, i.e ...

More definitions of "lifeless":

  • (adj): Not having the capacity to support life.
    Example: "A lifeless planet"
  • (adj): Destitute or having been emptied of life or living beings.
    Example: "After the dance the littered and lifeless ballroom echoed hollowly"
  • (adj): Lacking animation or excitement or activity.
    Example: "It was a lifeless party until she arrived"
    Synonyms: dead

Famous quotes containing the word lifeless:

    I don’t like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and it isn’t of much value. Life hasn’t revealed its beauty to them.
    Boris Pasternak (1890–1960)

    I love art, and I love history, but it is living art and living history that I love.... It is in the interest of living art and living history that I oppose so-called restoration. What history can there be in a building bedaubed with ornament, which cannot at the best be anything but a hopeless and lifeless imitation of the hope and vigour of the earlier world?
    William Morris (1834–1896)

    The sky seemed so small that winter day,
    A dirty light on a lifeless world,
    Contracted like a withered stick.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)